How much digging I’ve had to do to finally find a statement like this

The international media is running a fake Muslim Victimhood campaign to paint the Rohingyas as innocent. These are tough times for Burma.

The more I dig the more it seems absurd that we have sanctions on Burma.

Only a certain kind of unemotional (non-hysterical female) American will relate to the Myanmar military here

We need people like them in our own country is the irony – we eliminate trade with them and make them suffer when the reality is that we should be more like them ourselves.

The hypocrisy of the US is that they see Hamas in Gaza as one of the number one enemies, whereas if a terrorist group isn’t targeting Israel all of a sudden they’re those poor innocent Muslims persecuted by Islamophobic bigots

See the approximate geographical similarity to Gaza?

Over a hundred recognized, and the Rohingya must be flawless, dindu nuffin

Foreign funds?

And who’s their leader, no one with a suspicious background I’m sure

Remember, their economy is devastated because they decided to treat the Rohingya in a similar way to how Israel treats terrorists in its own area

The US isn’t the only hypocrite in the world

I wonder what the realpolitik is behind this. “Maybe we gulag our muslims, we’ll help you with yours though.” Lots of hypocrisy in the world. Europe’s encouragement of Muslim emigration and turning a blind eye to the genocide of Palestinians is only the most glaring example.

Meanwhile, who’s right? It’s all very convoluted. Meditate on this image again for some clarity

We can see a similar dynamic playing out in the US. Israel is allowed to designate Muslims as human detritus, whereas the US has to enforce attitudes of “equality” toward its various types of detritus. Myanmar is punished for treating its detritus as detritus too. Israel is allowed to exist in a state of exception which provides a pathos of distance from theirs, while the US has to gradually level itself to equalize with ours. And this of course is what the 2020 election is all about.

When our enemies see the democrats as friends you know the democrats must be doing something wrong

“Yes, get worse and worse, and call it progress, that’s just good for us!”

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