Duuude what is this

The only show of its kind in the world? Torrents? Subtitles? “Here we go!”

Objectively superior to the Golden Globes

“Can you just drop it!”

Why, you don’t think this is true?

The (((MSM))) tries their damndest anyway. How many shows and movies have anti-white themes? And this one anti-semitic one no one’s ever heard of, okay.

Reparations????? Do you hear any of these people whining?


“Weren’t you just calling Muslims detritus in your last post?”

They get some things right.

I love the fact that Qatar exists, there seems to be an unparalleled freedom there

Something about the existence of all these countries in red and purple here brings me joy – what secrets do they hold?

Don’t you think it’s prejudiced and Islamophobic to be opposed to what Muslims like to watch during Ramadan?

I’d like to find a list of the ones with multimillion dollar budgets, for “reasons”.

This is so true, I see so many living Jews who are just like this and they’ll never admit it

Well, as a consequence, I only want what’s worst for you – can you blame me? So, links to a list of torrents, subtitles please. Let’s take a break from pedowood why don’t we? And let the voices of more than a half billion MENAs speak.

The fact that they insist on writing these people’s convictions off as “conspiracy theories” is just more evidence to bolster the accuracy of the claim that they’re untrustworthy

Can’t you read between the lines that Trump stands for anti-Jew and Biden stands for Jew? That’s what all of our state-religion revolves around, so no I’m not going to drop it. Once the cultural leveling and vulgarization intrinsically linked to it ceases- then I’ll drop it.

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