Diverse, vibrant media!

Here is the first episode (I haven’t watched it yet)

Finding lots of references to Egyptian media – what could explain this? Possibly the distance from the middle eastern conflict zone where da troops have occupied, allowing them to thrive more?

Good, I could do with a fresh war film.

Another reason for the disproportionate references – the end of this list

That Eastern border on Sinai doesn’t quite make sense, does it, Biblically speaking? Geopolitics, theopolitics. Schmeopolitics in my relatively secular world.

Anyway not sure what quality these shows and movies will have. If only they let Mel Gibson make whatever movie he wanted… ugh the thought of that makes me sad.

This one’s more my style

America and Israel are both dissolved in the year 2120 depicted here.

The nemesis of Hollywood, you’re looking at it

The nemesis of the international bankers, you’re looking at it

You mad? That’s because you’re living in the lifeworld they designed for you, and you can’t escape! Despicable slave.

Wow, art that shows their perspective, we can’t have that, can we

Another one for you cinephiles out there – we love a good foreign film don’t we

Another show

Hoping I can pirate that sci-fi The End with subtitles – that looks like ideal material, it would be best for these MENA countries to lean that way rather than toward the UAE-deal variety of modernization.

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