Scrutinizing DARPA’s 2021 budget – looks like something similar to those space spiders I’ve posted about is in the works

Nothing that exciting, really, next to what is possible, unfortunately. It’s all so incremental I guess. Military technology is going to tend to lead “progress” in certain areas, which is understandable. Then eventually the defense-inspired tech can be altered by the public for their own uses.

I can see a feedback loop like this

between international DARPAs and their respective publics. China’s “amoralism” could be an advantage to our public. Theoretically- they acquire our technology, do something we wouldn’t do with it, and then we could re-acquire it from them. If they developed supersoldier technology I wonder how many years it would be kept classified. Both the US and China could have already developed thus and neither of their publics would know because they want to keep the tech away from the other’s military. “Dat’s how it woyks.”

Saw this headline earlier that’s related to this idea, refreshing to see it spoken so plainly

“staged rollout” – so annoying, and yet so understandable

You know that Chinese scholar that was jailed that I posted about recently? I speculate that his only crime was that he theorized against the state publicly, democratically. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had secret theorists that only speak of certain stratospheres to each other and the CCP. Knowing their perspectives on world politics would be in the highest interest of our own national security, they doubtlessly see things we can’t. Problem is, it would be in the highest interest of China’s national security to make sure we never learn their perspectives. It’s a shame too, since if we worked together we could access even greater heights of knowledge. Again though, absolutely understandable that we have this lack of cooperation. Nonetheless, if “Hackerman” wanted to post some of China’s IARPA documents on google I don’t think many here would be opposed to it

Then you wonder to what degree both countries’ programs are subservient to the state and thus lobotomized. Probably to some degree. Despite that, there is likely a “political intelligence” to be found in those that are on the same level as their academics’ non-political intelligence, which their academics are–informally or not–restricted from expressing. Even this post itself would probably be ideally classified by both governments – that’s the advantage of the internet, it’s potentially a third type of intelligence that is neither bound to the state’s covert agencies or academies. I say potentially of course, since 99.9% of people use it for frivolities.

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