Ever wanted to know about China’s DARPA? The Australians have been studying them for us

Good to know. They integrate Defense with their universities over there. They also send People’s Liberation Army scientists over here disguised as normal citizens. “Learn from us how to kill us” rofl. Does this unsettle you at all?

Just puts into contrast the absurdity of worrying so much about Iran’s nuclear weapons program – this is the REAL enemy

About the same year whites are expected to be a minority in the US – perfect! Can’t wait to be an old man looking back at the relatively-good old days.

Here are 5/7 of the their top defense universities, who knows, might find something interesting snooping around google translating their published papers

They’re gonna get me space diamuns I know it! I hate the people here, oh well, at least critical race theory was given the boot, that’s a glimmer of a good sign. I only hope that we’re doing the same thing as them and sending scientists over there covertly. Chances they’ll even give a white person top secret security clearance? 0%? Still worth a try.

Might as well put spies in Russia’s DARPA too, which is also pretty new

“Fuck you, fuck you, who’s next?” Probably not many others worth even mentioning.

I’m not trying to be a sensationalist or something, I really expect something like the following to happen to reactionaries in the US, given enough time, if patterns continue the way they’re going

Spy-thief schools, good to know

Returning to the notion of creation- this is why we don’t want China to rule the world, because all they can do is copy whites, they’re missing the divine spark.

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