Let’s begin again from the beginning. How did you get here? No, not how did you get to this site, how did you get here, why do you exist, why does existence exist? Science can’t tell you why existence is, why matter exists in space, why it “moves” through time. All we know is that it does, that we do. There’s no accurate way to describe how or why existence is. We can approach accuracy. One can say it “appeared”. Many say “we were created”. Then some will argue that that begs the question of what created the creator. Likewise one could ask what “appeared” the appearance of the appearer of existence? A lot of people don’t like to call it creation because it reminds them of organized religion. Doesn’t it sound awkward to talk about it as appearing? Calling “it” appearing doesn’t seem any more accurate than calling it creation so I just stick with creation. So that’s the beginning- existence was created. What does existence do after it has been created? “Exist” you might say. What is the nature of this existence that exists? It seems to be an ongoing creation. Existence was created and what was created continues to create. What was created? Rocks, planets, light, and the space that contains them? Oh yeah, life too, humans too, can’t forget those. Animals create more animals, humans create more humans. Humans are special in terms of creation. Aztecs created pyramids for instance. There could easily be nothing, right? And all of a sudden there’s some Aztecs creating a calendar! One might say that humans are most like existence itself in being creators. One might say that humans define what existence is in the things they “make appear”. That’s pretty crazy that two parrots can make more parrots appear, let’s not underestimate the profundity of animals. Humans seem to stand out in all this existence that’s been created though, wouldn’t you say? Not only do we “make appear” other humans, we also make appear lots of other stuff too, some humans even create beautiful stuff. Existence was created then some of that existence that was created brings into existence beautiful creations. Some would call this “Godlike”. Life is similar to existence itself in that it appears and “makes appear” aka creates. And humans create more than just other humans. Some create sonnets! There could be nothing and all of a sudden there’s X Files- the existence of existence is sort of stranger than any x file. Some humans create roads, some create memes, some create meditations on creation. Some might go so far as to say that the “meaning of life” is to do what existence did and create. What’s more beautiful, a baby parrot or a symphony? Some might argue about that. Luckily for humans, we have the best of both worlds- we create creators, we create creators of creators. And if you wouldn’t mind me making a political statement appear, a certain set of beliefs seems to be against what I’ve attempted to show here is the meaning of existence, against the fundamental nature of creation.

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