I like learning about those crazy a-rabs. I used to think they were all the same people, Iraqis, Afghans, turban suicide bombs? Never would have guessed that the Saudis and Iranians were deadly enemies, all I knew about Israel until five or so years ago was the name. Seems like if your country is at war with a place you’d be better informed, and I think most Americans are as ignorant as I was. I remember a couple old forms of wokeness-signaling prior to the focus on sensitivity about African-Americans- do you remember? People used to get hysterical about islamophobia, this was the former anti-racist stance par excellence. Probably to do with the fact that when Obama was in office you’d look like a fool for claiming the existence of “systemic racism”. The other wokeness-signaling from that time was more indirectly related to racism- people used to smugly tell you that the war on terror wasn’t about bombs, it was about oil. This explanation conceals the Israel factor you see, oil was (is) used in place of an “antisemitic slur” which bringing up Israel at all equates to to these clinically insane people. Is that so insane though? This gets extremely controversial actually. Let’s use this to illustrate- the war on terror wasn’t about oil, it was about

It all revolves around the idea of creation from my previous post. Everyone knows implicitly. The Muslims are seen as uncreative “camel riders”. The Jews are seen as creative and thus godlike and thus worthy of their own state, while Muslims are deserving of slaughter if they interfere with that state. Where it gets even more controversial (racist) is the natural question, “Why do Jews need their own state? They don’t have one?” They’re a people that lives in exile. “Oh like the Rohingya? Wait, why, what did they do?” Nothing, they’re innocent, don’t ask that. They were kicked out of over a hundred countries and now they need their own state, and if that means we need to bomb millions of Muslims to death then so be it, don’t ask questions.

When I talk about smile I’m talking about the nature of Being, when I talk about exit I’m talking about the nature of Being. Being, life, God, creation, all the same. We’re living in a state hostile to Being, contrary to Being, which is creation, creativeness, what I tend to refer to as the i in smile, intelligence and its increase. When no one can do anything wrong to get kicked out of a place because then you’d be a Nazi that nurtures and actively cultivates a medley of immoralisms and stupidities. When I accuse Americans of being possessed by a “will to nothingness” I’m not just throwing an empty phrase around, I mean what I say. The meaning of Being is partaking in the divine essence which is creating. The meaning of leveling is moving toward nothingness- the normalization of lowbrow art, anti-scientific attitudes, and anti-intellectualism generally speaking. This is the anti-god worshipped by the left. And it’s all rooted in the Christian forgiveness of a sinful people.

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