I envy that the USSR had all of these regions to draw from

This is closer to a “true diversity” than what we’d have access to in the US if we needed to unite with surrounding ones into one State. Here we have Canada (sigh) and that region of South America I’ve mentioned, besides that lots of useless muds, who I guess we could use as cannon fodder. Venezuelans don’t have the same defense scientist potential as Latvians, and use your imagination from there.

I have this thought while reading this other study from those Australians

I’ve talked about the US imposing sanctions on others, it isn’t so easy to do a search and find sanctions imposed by other countries, because it’s so US-centric. Imagine a future where China could impose sanctions on us (lower-case US)

Despite what your faith in blank-slatism wants you to think, a person of latino/european/black admixture will lead directly to this. Just a pure retard waiting to happen. And it will be natural for us to unite with surrounding countries if China begins to coerce us. Who do we have? That could help us intellectually? Do you remember the map of Brazil? I do hope it haunts you. All the whites migrated to the very south, we might expect something like that in the states – imagine all whites living in Florida while the tourism everywhere north is totally dead because there’s so much crime and depravity. So we might have this section of SA, that is if objective kikes don’t read this page and plan accordingly, because then they’ll want to lobotomize them too. Canadians are useless, US socialists are useless (goes without saying), amazonian tribespeople are useless, so we don’t have much in the “New World”. What might happen is reactionaries in Europe might form together into one State. The Chinese breed like rabbits and work like dogs, whereas whites are more people of leisure free of biological constraints. We need to be more like China, and China needs to be more like us. We won’t have a choice in the matter if we continue with our policies which bring us back to ape-life, the Chinese will simply take advantage of people with a halved-neocortex. I advocate for a patch of the sq km of Monaco and to start from there. We need a place where the eurobrains can betray everyone else and say whatever they want that will also provide future security, that is what a neo-patch is about. And knowing the individualistic nature of Euros it will be easy for it to create a patch on its border that is similar to it. This is how to defeat the Chinese, I see no other way, and the judaeochristians are too emotional to be able to speculate about it.

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