These humble folks again

I wonder if they would be upset with me if I did an anthropology on them and told them about it. If I described to them the way their society worked. Would that cause hostility? I expect it would if they’re anything like white people anyway. Something about too much awareness upsets people, I don’t understand that. They interpret it as “mean” for some reason? Wouldn’t you expect these uncontacted tribes to grow if someone described their religion to them in abstract detached terms? I’d expect that. It’d give them self-consciousness wouldn’t it? I don’t get why the west doesn’t like that, being conceptualized anthropologically. If we pretended there was a ladder of awareness in the brain, it’s like it upsets them to be told about the highest rungs. ? Perplexing to me.

This can be done in China, that has the potential to bring about the most self-consciousness given the population. Does anyone know any of the tenets of their “state-religion”? If it’s anything like here they must be hidden. One would have to spend a lot of time over there to figure it out, the drop the samizdat and get out, given the conditions there

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