Looking for books on Zarathustra I found this guy, looks pretty interesting. If they haven’t been translated yet it’s a good sign in today’s world. Could be a potential “spy” – with Nietzschean scholars you never know. It would be healthy for intellectual development to take a break from your real life acquaintances and social media friends for a few days once in a while and treat certain scholars like a sort of friend, for reasons outlined in the second hyperlink. You have to be careful though obviously because there’s a good chance they’ll corrupt you. I don’t know about this scholar yet, finding him just gives me these thoughts. “Fellow Zarathustrans” are nice to find (a synchronicity here with the Persians, yes), they remind me of higher realities that one tends to forget in the Motley Cow. That’s related to what I was thinking on a walk earlier- I’ve had so many walks alone over the years, and it’s been such a waste, so many good talks that never happened. Just a consequence of the game I’m playing. With enough Zarathustrans in one city we could likely go beyond Nietzsche. This is the idea of “socialism” I’ll settle for. None of us think of ourselves as Zarathustrans, yet when I find a scholar of TSZ I find a relatedness, it must be some sort of disavowal of non-individualism, nah we’re all similar in some way just admit it.

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