If you want to know what I really think, most write it off as a conspiracy theory or an idle interest, and I see people who do that as people who should be buried through the digestive systems of possums and raccoons. In my world, Nietzsche is his own Theology that is challenging the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic ones. It isn’t only Nietzsche though, he represents the culmination of many others. All these ones who thought about things during the reign of these monotheisms. There’s only a specific type of person I can expect to understand this, they could be Jews, Christians, or Muslims, I just expect cladistic-Christians to be the ones most capable of free thought. If Plato or Nietzsche lived in 2020 these are the kinds of things they might say, I don’t know what to tell you. People who should be not thinking at all and being part of the machine in a factory rather than expressing their beliefs, they might say. The American, French, and Russian revolutions all were not perfect, they created a climate of hatred against “those who are smarter than you” if you want me to be blunt. You have the freedom to take whatever history class you want, that is the perspective of this one. You can think of me as a moderate. Do I relate more to the side of the Americans than the British during the Revolutionary War, yes. The ramifications that neither side expected, no I don’t relate in saying they’re a good thing. Too much protestantism leads to materialism and atheism, and that is over-abundant to the point of nausea today, because of what this country was founded on. Are exorbitant taxes on tea good? No, probably not. Are rulers good? This is the point of discretion, this is a matter that goes back before WW2. They are good. Otherwise there is no difference between humanity and God. God is the tyrant of reality in a certain sense. He’s the one who’s right. Today we believe that no one is right, and that belief reflects our political and religious institutions. God is right. People who want to convince you that people who remind one of .. what should we call them, monkey-apes who remind one of animals? if someone wants to convince you they are what counts as human you can expect that they are living with their chimp intelligence too. Whites walking around and saying scientific things is what Nietzsche represents, I hate to tell you you’re doing alright – people like us are the alternative to the supposed scriptures. Isla- what? Chr, you’re just a coward? J – you’ve managed to manipulate the hoi poloi, besides that you are part of these village people. Certain people in history represent the divine and there are many that anyone who is informed can think of that are opposed to the way opinions are being enforced today.

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