As 9/11 draws near I find myself interested in looking for historical events for a provisional genealogy of what led up to it. People have their theories, people have their conspiracy theories, to begin I just want to stick with the standard explanation of Osama Bin Laden being behind the attacks, and what might have formed his character. After looking at the basic history of the region, from there we can start to ponder more “suspicious” theories of what happened.

Only after a couple hours of research I have to surmise that the Afghan people have to have some of the worst cases of anomie in the world. So many different ideologies have been vying to control the region in the last century, I were to empathize with Bin Laden I would ask, Why don’t you people just stay out of here and leave us alone? To give you some idea, he wasn’t even an Afghan, he was a Saudi who helped the Afghans fight the Soviets when he was young. The race-realist interpretation of this is that he was an Arab who wanted white people out of his countries. Does this man look more like a European or an Arab to you?

Afghanistan was getting womped years before Americans invaded.

How many of their adults did we whites kill anyway?

Who knows what that Afghan youth is going to be taught, and there are quite a few of them despite all the wars

About the same as the population of African-Americans, I wonder who has a worse life. There are so many layers to “our” interference over there, I wonder where they’d be today if we just left them alone

Can you imagine how confused they must be?

They only killed 3000 people in the twin towers, how many people have we killed, or in general caused a death of God in the life of?

People here were traumatized enough by 9/11 to remember where they were when it happened. I wonder what kind of intergenerational trauma the Afghans have, this goes back a while

3000 Americans died on 9/11, kind of funny in light of all this to be honest. Juggling Marxism, Islam, and liberal democracy over the last 40 years must have caused its own groundlessness that we’re not familiar with here.

Radically different ideologies willing to torture and bomb you for not believing what they tell you to.

It reminds me of our implicit dispute with China in the Vietnam War

Were we trying to help them or were we trying to hurt the Soviets. Seems like a battle of egos. And who’s the victim? Boohoo it must be those 3000 Americans who are the real victims.

Going through the history of this place the word “anomie” keeps rising in my mind. That must play a role in the extremism. They can sense the creeping nihilism that results from such different beliefs being imposed there, and that radicalizes them toward the image of the stereotypical psychotic Muslim that we know.

This “juggling” goes back a while. Some history of Islam

I wonder if they’d be better off if we never interfered with them at all.

Trump has been nominated for the nobel peace prize for the UAE deal. You don’t want to know my reactionary interpretation of that. I don’t think he deserves it. That deal only represents further destabilization in my view. All that deal represents is the surrender of Islam and the submission to Israel. It represents Muslims giving up and being “peaceful” about the presence of Judaism in its region, the genocide of their fellow Muslims, and the normalization of modernization/atheism. You thought we were pulling our troops out of there – who needs troops when you can psyop the Muslims with this deal? I see it as a handshake that is an agreement that it’s alright if the Middle East gradually descends toward American nihilism. And, I guess, that would be what a prize would be awarded for in such a place as this with such a cancerous ideology. Like I’ve said before, the only “award” one should want to win in a country like this is the death penalty. The nobel peace prize should be seen as an insult.

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