Whoa dude you like Marx? You’re so original

Then China, and a good deal of the countries attached to it to the south should be colored in here too, which makes it even more astonishing how popular Marx has been. Hate Nietzsche? Join the club.

It says something about these countries above that aren’t colored in. The other day I heard Marxism described as the uprising of peasants, peasants taking control of the government, in a way that wasn’t intended to be derogatory AHAHA! If that notion doesn’t cause you any worry then–you’re probably one of them, whether materially or in spirit. How many of these countries not colored in here are today socialist, formally or not? It’s not looking good… There must be some noble Buddhist societies left in that India/Tibet/Burma region – Brahmins, Lamas, I wonder if they have a word for these higher types in Myanmar.

This is another genealogy that one could do

It’s everywhere, you’re the opposite of original

This led to them being one of the poorest countries in the world – who is even surprised? “Well I still consider myself a socialist anyway.” Yeah I know you’re stupid, please tell me more.

There are lots of you, lots of peasant uprisings, that’s just the norm in the world – Evola described the process, at the end of this post. And that goes back further. Then all we have left is the Tibetan and Nazi diasporas, fascoids in South America, some potential Arab aristos, and few others. The rest proud products of peasant revolts. Esoteric Buddhists, Germans, Evolians, Farabians should form one state constituted by a collaboration of five or so semi-independent patches. And if Kim can have nukes so can we. From there we can create media that attempts to salvage the nobler ones among the peasantified countries.

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