Xi’s had eight years to meet with him and he never has, what a coward

They say the Indian government won’t let him, yeah right, Xi’d probably piss himself.

They’ve never even been able to insult him to his face

They have “feds” over there now too, “priming” the population with suggestive ideas

They’re expecting Tibetan Buddhism to die with the Dalai Lama, and he’s 85

And even that’s a sham. You don’t have to “gulag” people per se, like the Uighurs, in order to gulag them

All the other ones too

That leaves about 120-150,000 Tibetans outside of these places – I wonder how they’ll fare, probably not much better than the ones still in China’s “autonomous” region for them

At least they’re allowed even that. There are a few philosophers, some of my favorites, who there isn’t a single class on in the US.

There’s speculation about a “silent majority” over there

or at least close to one. There’s just too many of them to keep track of. Are they going to bug every house? We might expect something like that in the dystopic future, recording devices in every room of every house that detect certain words or phrases.

Here is another religion besides the Uighurs or Tibetans, this one I didn’t know had a presence in China, the Falun Gong

I used to know a white guy who was a Qi Gong adept, and he had genuine mystical powers no joke. My old Chinese professor also told me that it gives one mystical powers which he observed from personal experience. Anyway, the CCP is harvesting their organs apparently, and the like

They evidently hate mystics and anyone who disagrees with them from a transcendent perspective above the material plane.

They don’t even recognize Hinduism, which geopolitically speaking is funny (pathetic)

So many parallels to the US, and there’s a decent chance that the very person reading this isn’t so different from these gooks.

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