Someone who’s asking the right questions

You wouldn’t even know if they were. This could be its own sort of “silent majority”. Someone who isn’t me would grow all sorts of crazy plants if I knew they wouldn’t use it as a pretext to lock me up for my political views. This could be as natural as coffee or wine in one’s life, the difference being that this provides more of a radical break from the monkey realm

Phalaris brachystachys seeds can be bought online. There are 24 pages of Nexians debating about which type of phalaris is the best. We’re still in an early stage of synthesis between shamanism and the west. One can think of it as similar to when the Vedas were first being translated into English. Sankrit scholars of today scrutinize them for being amateur and misleading. Similarly, the sorts of people who are able to do “research” on phalaris tend to be botanists, pro-gardeners basically–and nothing wrong with that, they’re just not theologians, poets, ontologists, so their reports on the experience aren’t going to be eloquent. Or, more often than not, their area of focus is totally off. Even someone as helpful as St. Shulgin is guilty of this, not his fault, there are just different areas of specialty, and some of these people know chemistry and botany like the back of their hand. This divide exists because of the legal “dimension”. That keeps these other “dimensions” opaque. In other words, the Law is effective. At least for now. The closer these cyber botanists get to isolating the right plants and the right strains of plants, and the closer the chemists get to isolating the simplest methods of extraction, the sooner other types of “scientists” will be to using them for their particular purposes.

It’s like seeing the source code of the universe

Nexians don’t know what to do with that information, rarely anyone does – they just can give you an idea of the plants “one” can grow in “one’s” yard, and then what do with them once they’re harvested.

Different types of shamans

Eventually they’ll merge- ideally anyway. This is the way of consciousness evolution under our current legal restrictions. Nexian botanists are at a higher than normal circuit for having the interest that they do – they exist to facilitate the access to even higher circuits, chemists exist for alchemists.

Such a disorderly “yard”, time to “mow”

It’s not like you’re taking a suspicious midnight scuba dive to tend your smenospongia aurea garden or anything. Phalaris grass, sea sponges, some Native Americans even “cultivated” entheogenic ant hills! All sorts of possibilities to visit the holographic field of information.

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  1. Excellent post, Wagner!
    You’ve really come on in leaps and bounds since your days of fucking around on Land’s blog.
    Keep up the good work.


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