Our brahmins here have created the conditions such that there are countless scientific studies on ant and bee castes (genetic and otherwise) and approximately zero on human ones.

I’m inspired by Crowley’s advice that one of the ways to increase intelligence is to surround yourself with people who are as smart as or smarter than yourself. Seems like a simple insight, yet it’s so lost to the modern world that it’s inverted. This of course is the handiwork of our brahmins.

I’m naturally led to interest in the goings-on of India when I have these thoughts. Are there places where their higher castes are concentrated?

This seems like a conspicuous location in particular

Remember my explanation for the “wall” between France and Germany here?

Appears to be something similar in Asia

We might expect high concentrations of “cognitive diversity” on this northern border. Intermingling of Brahmins and Lamas.

There’s also a caste-system in Nepal similar to India’s – their brahmins are called Bahuns, and it divides ethnically

“Mongoloids” – goes without saying. Google image isn’t being very helpful, unsurprisingly. If you see a Mongoloid IRL you’ll wish you hadn’t, let’s leave it at that.

And then you have these two other relatively new patches that you probably don’t want to get too close to in India

Is it mean to say? Muslims have a robust anti-intellectual streak, I’m just contemplating where I’d like to travel and that obviously plays in as an important factor, right?

The North is interestingly diverse. Sikhs, Buddhists, Brahmins, Tibetans, Nepalese. All in patches that could be isolated further, surrounded by human filth, no doubt. What, do you want to be “culturally enriched” or not? We want to avoid the New Yorkers of India so to speak, and see the best they have to offer.

The cope replies to this page about brahmins ha

Brahmin is nothing but a human being do the same work as other hence no need to give more status. In India everybody is same as our constitution says

All human-beings are equal in the eyes of God.The human-beings have only created the caste system.There are good and bad people in both high caste as well as low caste.

most biased writeup. clearly written by brahmin. brahmins are the worst thing happened in india. 

This page really gets into the details if you’re interested in further info about this caste.

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