There’s something similar to this in the US

Society would function better if we were explicit about it. OBC’s getting an equal vote, what could you possibly expect from that? If that 6.3% of the population was the only one that was allowed to vote it would be better for everyone. “You would just vote for your own interests!” No, that’s the definition of those 6.3%, that they would decide what’s best for the country overall without being biased. The problem with all this is that you can only expect those 6.3% and some of those 23.1% to understand. America is pretty much already over, hate to tell you. If you want to know what I really think, I doubt there’s even 6.3% here anymore, they’ve mostly been pulled into the mob and are indistinguishable from them. There’s probably many that don’t say their real views so you’d never know the precise percent, though what’s the difference between them and the mob then? They just let the country burn, so they might as well not be part of the 6.3% anyway. Sincerely, your ray of sunshine.

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