The guillotine is already on its way down. With a certain awareness one is able to freeze time or at least see it falling in slow-motion and try to figure out what to do to move one’s neck out of the way. A slow-motion French Revolution is all demographic replacement is, and you can either install a strongman to stop it or find an ideal place for the ones they seek to execute to migrate to.

I was scrolling through some pictures of Nepalese people and I was struck by how .. disgusting they look. The reason we have all these speech restrictions in place in the US is because everyone is aware of this sort of thing. You have two basic options- stay here for the speech restrictions and eventual guillotine or move to a place where there are these people whose existence is the reason for those speech restrictions and that guillotine. I always talk about the tropics and you know what, there’s something about the winter I miss honestly, maybe I am white after all. There are plenty of places in the world that aren’t inhabited by leftists or mudpeople, oh no I have to brush snow off my windshield in the morning to get away from all this?? You can either imagine yourself laying there with the guillotine on its way down in slo-mo or picture yourself waiting in a prison cell before you’re guillotined in the morning- that’s what the speech restrictions and anti-white-male political theology is similar to, a prison without the prison. I’ve offered 100 different ways we could escape now, maybe it’s time for us to finally pick one. Working out a deal with the Australian aboriginals might be plausible – we agree to advance them and get some of the land there to settle on, or go somewhere cold where no one will bother us. Your choice, the historical forces are already in motion, the guillotine is already on its way down.

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