It’s not your fault, it’s what’s expected of you in this society, they teach you to be like that–and there are some studies on how to make it better

The ones that don’t get paid–or get “paid” in free rent, [fashion objects], etc. by serial acquaintances–probably suffer some of the same problems as sex workers. If you want to fix these kinds of symptoms, there is this above remedy for individuals, and there is the more difficult objective of redesigning our institutions and the beliefs that sustain them. You can blame them, you can go back farther and blame the hippies, blame de Beauvoir, however, unfortunately Americans themselves must be responsible for being so receptive to these ideas and where they lead, which is often to a life of lovelessness without meaning. There are different ways of looking at psychedelic therapy- I tend to see it as the best alternative for people who don’t trust organized religion, which seems to be the norm among younger people in the US. Depending on set, setting, and the entheogen used, ideally it would force an experience of confession, forgiveness, and belief in absolute morality. It isn’t so easy to do this with a therapist without the use of an entheogen because humans have such an aptitude for self-deception. You can say farewell to your ability to lie to yourself in this case, at least with a strong enough dose.

I hate getting political, I seriously just tend to find lots of things out of coincidence – this for instance. Must be nice to live in a religious society where we don’t even need entheogens. The suicide rate is so low there and in the middle east. Speaking of “deals” (you might have heard about the next one that made peace with Israel, Bahrain), the modernization of Muslims shouldn’t be so one-sided. This is clearly absurd and could use modernization

Why aren’t they wearing gloves too? Their exposed hands are making my eye twitch with ideations of rape. Anyway, we have our own form of excess in the West. Maybe we could both learn from each other instead of thinking we here are right about everything?

The general distrust of organized religion isn’t foreign to me, I’ve had that since being around close-minded Christian fundamentalists when I was in high school. We need some form of religion to return in order to fix society, maybe some type of neo-Christianity that supports a spirit of questioning, that might work for the rationalistic type of people we are. Without a strong foundation in the Absolute, society is only going to get worse and worse.

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