Told you this was their plan

From the most popular .il news site

Doesn’t it look more ominous when the region is in this language?

“The Plan, he knows The Plan!”

The Iranians have this cynical interpretation of Trump’s dealings too

סיבה נוספת לכינון היחסים הוא רצונו של נשיא ארצות הברית, דונלד טראמפ, להתפאר בהישג דיפלומטי נוסף שיעזור לו בבחירות


From Qatar’s Al Jazeera

Who’s more correct? People in the West couldn’t even give you an honest answer if they wanted to, they’re coerced into siding with the Egyptian perspective.

Wouldn’t you say there’s something antisemitic about this?

What are Palestinians like anyway? Does anyone know?

Alright, let’s be real, the Dutch genes are doing most of the work here with Gigi Hadid.

I wonder if the Palestinian DJ Khaled lowkey sympathizes with Hamas

Who’s this? Ever heard of him?

Anyone know what was going on here?

Eh, who cares? Certainly not our media.

They’re in lockstep against this perspective, and our citizens tend to be identical with them, “coincidentally”

I tend to agree with the above sentiment, though I’m a recluse who does lots of independent thinking.

Good smallskull goys will do whatever we want them to do, think whatever we want them to think

Looks like the Turks are “our” allies here

Reminds me, incidentally, that the last tit I pinched was Turkish. She invited it, an absolute thot- I feel so bad for Muslim fathers who migrate here – “You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, do you? Your daughter is now a doorknob, everyone gets a turn.”

Neither google or duckduckgo images are giving me anything for a convenient view of their plight so let’s go with wikipedia for now – the Palestinian diaspora

If you’re able to endure some race realism it might help you understand some things.

This is not a real human

This is

Any questions?

Who knows what goes on over there.

The Palestinians might, if anyone does. Here are some of their news sites

غزة- معا- قال جواد عبيدات نقيب المحامين الفلسطينيين، إن إعلان اتفاق التطبيع البحريني مع دولة الاحتلال هو انتكاسة لبنود القانون الدولي والشرعية الدولية وخرق مباشر للمعاهدات الدولية.

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