Remember the post that referenced this article?

And I speculated why anyone would be so hostile to the idea of people living on the sea, far away from them? That article was an abridged version from a book I’m checking out now that seems to be chapter after chapter of this kind of hostility Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of Neoliberalism – I wonder if we can mine this for exit ideas. Pretty much any time someone uses the word “neoliberalism” you can be sure that they’re part of the same system they’re trying to give you the impression they’re criticizing – they want to “make it in the world” rather than make it into heaven, so to speak.

The first idea they demonize in this book looks like it had a pretty nice design, especially for the 1990s – didn’t know people were formulating exit plans all the way back then too

An airplane runway on the top?! I hadn’t thought of that. Seems natural.

Here’s part of what infuriates them about it – “privilege” – they hate it in all forms, malign or benign

I’m thinking we can learn a lot about the enemy from a book like this–or the friend, depending on who’s reading this

The left is a lot about taxation, just not literal taxation per se. White guilt is a sort of tax that they enforce. Male privilege is a sort of tax. Unequivocal philosemitism, a tax. Yes, we want to get out of paying these taxes, we don’t feel we owe anything, and no one’s ever explained to us why we do, they just demand we pay, and send the “IRS” after us if we don’t. So yes, if there’s a way to escape these unexplained taxes we’d like to explore that option.

Funny they mention her

I developed an anti-Randianism when I was younger and it was only later after I learned about the reactosphere – can I even bring her up without you having a fervent opinion about her one way or another? lol – and realized that my bias against her was unfounded and formed purely by socialist hearsay. I’m gonna say it- her books aren’t that bad. Not much Nietzschean fiction exists, and some of hers would fall into that category. Is it “real art”? That’s besides the point for now. People hate her for her ideas – that her books aren’t that bad makes them hate her even more. Anyway, I quote the above because I think we can learn from studying their hostility to her. What is it about her anyway? They don’t make NYC Jewesses like that anymore, do they? (laughing evilly) “You’re supposed to take responsibility!” is the sense I get. How does that actually translate in our real world? Cheering on arsonists and vandals? Praising rap and ghetto values? Doesn’t seem too responsible. I don’t understand how those “taxes” are a public good whatsoever. And if they’re enforced I’m going to find a way to evade them, to shrug off this allegedly divinely ordered “responsibility”. Seasteading is sort of like Rearden Metal. Ah, takes me back! Why do people hate those books so much? Oh yeah, they’re irrationally pitying socialists, who aren’t capable of objectivis–objectivity.

This is a clever take

Yes! Yes! Though preferably up, given that that’s more of a clean break from the state (in both senses of the term).

Ah, the mask slips from this Marxist who tries to parade around a pure concern for class warfare and workers

So Nazis have been pretending to be “libertarians” for a while now I guess?

To be fair though, this book is pretty global, in its polemical resentment against all privilege

It’s sad, just a couple days before I heard about that Bahrain “deal” I was ‘mirin’ their innovations

What’s even the point of a manmade island if it’s zogged? Still, we can learn from these oily sheikhs.

Qatar we can learn even more from, hopefully they remain autonomous

eViL pArAdIsEs

Arg-e Jadid you say? If they hate it you know it must be interesting. My general response to people like this can be found in this post.

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