I believe in the blank-slate and “the power of human freedom” on some level, I just don’t think that it is cultivated properly. Half my family is brown, what don’t you understand about that? You probably need some kind of genetic basis in order to get off the ground at all, and that’s a pinnacle blasphemy to say. In other words, I’m not too sure about “Latinos”, “B”lacks, arabs, etc. They’d need to be surrounded by support, and that’s what white Christians and their Judaic directors do. I just don’t think these latter are helping them as much as they could be. My instinct is to forget about helping them and focus on posthumanism- since we know our coethnics can’t do that I might as well try to give them some advice. “Social justice” tends to be more for the person enacting it than the one it’s ostensibly intended to help. Put differently, if we were to frame leftism as the intention to build up self-esteem in others, it tends to be more for the leftist doing it than for the one they are ostensibly trying to help. Just a psychological observation, I’m a nigger-wop in my own way so you can read it however you want. Or I’m a scandinavian trickster messing with you, either way, it’s all fun to me. Joking aside though, the castes that suffer most in the world need a stern treatment that Christians and Jews tend to be too sensitive to. They need to be harshly educated. Otherwise you’ll never “help” them, which is at least the surface meaning of these post/theistic lines of thought. If I have to live with you here while we figure out how to escape you then I’ll be trying to give you advice, that’s my own kind of charity to you. Being excessively nice to them doesn’t actually help them, it only helps you. It makes you feel like you’re doing your service. From a certain perspective, you’re only doing the opposite, bringing evil into the world because you’re too tolerant. To you, that’s “the end of history”, and that’s what one does when it’s the end of history and you’ve got it all figured out. To me, it isn’t the end of history- in China for instance it’s only the beginning of history. In my world, it’s the Western beginning of history too. If part of what the beginning of this history means to you is helping others then you need to readjust your pedagogical methods, because they’re not working. Mexicans, muslims, and blacks for instance are from extremely poor backgrounds, and need to be guided rather than soothed. You need to learn how to stop focusing on yourself. If you really need to help them (which, I at least, see as similar to helping the cows and chickens) then you need to rethink how you do that, because your politicized strategy now of relativizing all cultures and uplifting theirs is only bringing both of our cultures back to a place no one would want to emigrate to.

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