I like these population numbers – some of the most toxic ones have the most people

It was bound to begin with the UAE, which is a sort of pluralism, if you couldn’t tell by the name, United Arab Emirates, which is a confederation of seven sheikdoms (regions headed by a sheik or emir).

Then you have the diversity of their population – the Emiratis are a minority

They have people from everywhere living there. The percent of Egyptians living in Egypt is 97-98% – they accepted lots of Syrian refugees, unlike you totally unconfused BLM protestors.

Anyway, anyway, Trump is a master psyopper. The Iranians and Israelis are probably on to something when they cynically suspect that “peace in the middle east” (jc, spare me) is about the election – the Iranians think Bibi is doing it to be reelected too. I say this because this tells us something significant about the people of our country. Trump knows that they’ll like that. Or at least like the sound of it since not many really know the realpolitik going on over there. And even if they wanted to discuss it they wouldn’t be able to very precisely due to PC restrictions. Suffice it to say, “We want it all to be over” in the middle east. The UAE deal is a symbol of that or toward that. Not only is it (almost) (apparently almost) all over, it wasn’t futile- all those years over there weren’t meaningless, that’s what that represents – think Trump has brainy advisors that told him to do this or was it random, his “unthought instinct”, who knows?

Back to the initially posted population numbers, I’m expecting a democratic factor to be the engine of Israelist expansion and modernization. UAE – 10M, Bahrain – 1.7M, not much. That however might be enough to give Saudi Arabia – 35M – the push it needs, which will lead others to follow in a cascading effect.

This is going to be difficult for Qatar to resist

Those backwards, institutionally-antisemitic Qataris aren’t exactly lazily riding their camels around in the desert all day

Something to do with Brahmin immigrants?

The UAE is 38% Indian – peace in the “middle east”, right right. Given that it’s arab-ruled, that might be enough to influence the Egyptians for instance.

Let’s look at the historical context of all this – we go way back!

Basically ancient best friends am I right? Understand BLM/the state-religion a bit better based on this? (See section 16 of the first essay of the Genealogy of Morals for more on this).

The diverse conditions of the UAE might be looked at as a cancer or spider bite from which the poison spreads to the rest of the middle east

This program was approved in 2016, so it’s been incremental steps leading up to this, this “march of progress”. A new synagogue formed around the same time in the UAE.

Similar to my sympathy with the Tibetans, I see leveling anywhere as leveling everywhere, and that’s exactly what I expect to happen over time – the proliferation of slave-morality. Can’t even talk about it to Westerners because they’re so enmeshed in it. Watch- “women’s suffrage”. Does my saying that in this context upset you at all? Equalism stems from the prot mindset too. Get rid of all “priests” of any type, anyone who knows better who tells you what to do. This can only result in chaos, children without adults to guide them. That’s what America has turned into, and that’s what they want the rest of the world to be like too. They still have an intergenerational chip on their shoulder from being enslaved by the Romans, and then being expelled from society after society because of the attitude they picked up from that, the weltanschauung they picked up from that, which they seek to universalize rather than ever admit that they are the ones who need to change. And no one can even talk about it in these direct terms, even though the “leader of the free world” has just used this very history and this very people in order to be favored by the people of the most powerful country in the world. I dunno, seems like something that should be able to be talked about, call it a hunch. Inshallah.

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