Al Jazeera might be the only worthwhile newspaper in the world

Their covert agency Mossad systematically kills the brain of Islam.

They’d probably find a way to kill us on the moon and even mars if we got too dangerous, with our “broadcasts” to earth.

The CIA has been doing “targeted killings” since the war ended (yeah you know which war I’m talking about) and they were only publicized and slapped on the wrist in the 70s, and they didn’t stop then either, and I doubt they’re going to stop by 2070 either.

What’s that, a supermodel wants to move to the moon? Sounds good

Looks like you need a poison taster.

How many of these people have you even heard of?

All of a sudden one night your base’s oxygen system stops working, strange

Being aware that they’d do this is the first step toward prevention. I can see it now, the headline of The Jerusalem Post, “Tragedy on the Moon”. That’s going to be real, it’s not even sci-fi – “space spies”.

I was thinking that space would be safer from them than the sea, now I’m really wondering about that. If you’re not perceived as “good” in their eyes there are plenty of ways to “take care of you”, and since it’s such a dangerous environment out there it would be easy to make it look like an accident too.

Some space-enthusiasts are reading this thinking, “What are you even planning to do out there that would cause them to do that?” Are you that naive? That’s pretty much the goal of leaving the planet, to devise and cultivate a knowledge-system that would be hostile to those of the terrestrial powers. It’s going to be beyond a mere correlation- the more I do what I want to do up there, the more they will want to make me a “targeted killing”. So much brainpower will have to be squandered on defense therefore. Ah well, since it will be necessary it won’t be a squandering.

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