More ominousness

From the moment the UAE announced that it was normalizing relations [with Israel], the response to any incident by the Mossad espionage service and its branches, covert or overt, that takes place in Iran or in the region, will also include the UAE…

When they put it that way I realize how nasty of a move the UAE deal actually was

Just nasty. See where the UAE is located? Can you think of a better spot for an Israeli satellite state?

Driving a geographical wedge between the Saudis and Iranians. Also keeping a close eye on Qatar.

The Palestinians have Israel in its grip like this

Israel and the UAE now have something similar on the Middle East.

If they secure Saudi Arabia then they have a wedge in the MENA region

You remember my post on Egyptian cinema – they’re just as bad as the Iranians, even if they have more diplomatic ties with the Israelis. The Saudis between the two will have a democratic “relaxing” effect. “Those Muslims are cool with them so…”

I just noticed they’re surrounding Qatar now too, with the latest Bahrain deal

Qataris, let’s build a seasteading bridge of villages between you and Iran – that’s my kind of “deal”. None of this is about “peace” for ZOG, do not be fooled. The question is, Peace from whose perspective? Because these non-Muslim Abrahamic groups want to wipe what we know of as the middle east off the face of the earth and replace it with the more civilized, or the more decadent, depending on your worldview.

They must have been grooming them for a while

Instilling in them delusions of grandeur I bet. “Aren’t you sick of being this small patch in the middle of these huge countries? Join us and you can make a name for yourself. Get away from your backwards allies.” A few years of business, covert business it’s been reported, deliberately employed “chutzpah agents”, pats on the back, I can expect how it all led to this.

This is interesting, anyone want to be a double-agent and report back to me?

Yeah right, you’d stab me in the back

They’re so effective that they don’t even need to pay people to be Mossad agents. Well, then again, there is money for aligning with their interests, so maybe Mossad is actually paying you in a sense?

I think to understand the motivations of the United Arab Emirates, that Heideggerian Iranian Ardakani’s critique of the West is essential. What is Dubai known for, after all?

Technology isn’t only objects, electronics, etc. like we usually think of it as, it’s also an attitude. This is what Ardakani is getting at. And this is what the UAE has appropriated from the West more than any other Muslim nation so far. So you might imagine the Mossad’s version of Charlie’s angels, equipped with khazar milkers rather than guns, grooming them over time with this idea. “You’re so different from those other Muslims… What’s stopping you from modernizing, you won’t end up like America eventually, that’s just superstition.”

I’ve been musing off this article which I suggest you read if you want a refreshing geopolitical take on the world. What leftists don’t seem to understand about reactionaries like me is that the MSM/academy is simply boring to us because we understand it so well. It reminds me of when I was an embarrassing teenager who thought he was punk for listening to Taking Back Sunday and eventually overlistened to Make Damn Sure–this happens with classical music too, it’s inevitable–you hear it enough times and you start to pick up on patterns, and you get a sort of scientific understanding of it- that’s how it is when I hear leftists speak- just done hearing the same thing over and over that I can expect so easily and understand to the point of monotony.

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