genealogy noises

Bibi himself would invite me to write a dissertation on this if he were noble. It would help them understand themselves better. Oh well! Must be nice to only have Muslim lobotmites for enemies

Psst, besides the ones mossad snuffs out. I was thinking about mossad earlier and somehow nearby abruptly laughed, causing me to sharply inhale. You know you’re dealing with someone worth dealing with if they make you paranoid, jumpy. They have to take care of the ones that make them feel that way. Granted I can relate. Thinking about mossad makes me wish I could find the link to that video some troll edited of Molyneux (who the US-KGB has disappeared) when he was angry, altering his words to say “You fuckin with me? You’re gonna end up in a trash bag in Afghanistan.”

History is awesome

I wonder what this document by Josephus could tell us about today

How this sort of thing led to this

Yep I do wonder

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