I know there’s lots of controversy among Christians regarding “the historical Jesus”, and I’m not too familiar with that debate. When I read the following from that book on Josephus’ histories though I feel more like a Christian than when I read C. S. Lewis telling me to have faith or whatever

I can relate- so many Pharisees alive today!

How distorting would it be to talk about Nietzsche without talking about Nietzsche’s enemies?

On a (sincerely) slightly related note, this is interesting to see after reading Dugin say that Israel regards itself as the Messiah

People certainly act like they are, don’t they? Besides the Muhammadens of course. We are still living in a religious time.

The following is genealogically relevant – teh dialectic

Roman tyrants helped create the conditions for the Pharisees to arise. Eventually Judea revolted (perhaps rightly), was defeated and enslaved, and the rest, is history. And we’re living in that unbroken trajectory today. Should’ve just listened to Plato, we’d be better off. The “Athenian” perspective on this is that you’re all a bunch of religious nutcases.

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