I’m not trying to be polemical with the following, if you’ll trust me, I’m just trying to be objective. So, Biden has emerged as the face of the riots, the burnings, and the murders. Whether we like it or not, it seems to be a Structure of Consciousness in our country to care a lot about the president and the election of the president. Trump and those who voted for him are directly responsible for the riots. It isn’t a protest against “systemic racism” so much as it’s about anger expressed at concrete, living people. The way I see it is all the riots are a threat about the election, they’re sending a violent threat that you better vote a certain way. I saw a video recently of someone walking up to a parked cop car and shooting the two cops inside in the head. I see this as a direct threat that you better vote for Biden. And all the bourgeois whites who either look the other way or make excuses for this sort of thing are saying the exact same thing- get rid of Trump or else. And what precisely does Trump represent esoterically that he never admits? That brains are—permanently, unchangeably—either better or worse than other brains. The riots equate to the violent demand that he “take it back”, that the “silent majority” take it back that they voted that that was the truth. Voting itself in these times is an esoteric practice- I’ve heard about 1000x the progressive sentiments in public than I’ve heard pro-Trump sentiments- something is off with this ratio. I think it’s partly because people can sense the violent reaction many have when they hear indirect or not statements about brains. The enforcement of speech-restriction carries with it that subtle threat of violence and the establishment’s implicit support for that violence as we see expressed in the riots and the MSM/minions’ response to them. “Vote for Biden or we’ll break the law and kill law-enforcement officers” is what these riots and their apologists represent.

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