Every day is a struggle to keep what is important in focus and not concern myself with what the world thinks about anything. My own Monaco, my own digital State, that’s what I try to sustain through all the scapegoating.

While this site is notoriously named what it is, it might be misleading, because when I do my daily uh what could count as a prayer I guess, and ponder what is most important, I always return to Plato, and I think of the Good. Usually people ask What’s good? I always find myself concluding The Good is good. Before you can say what’s good you have to say what the good itself is that you’re speaking of. Anyway, that’s my daily thought-process, and I’m not allergic to calling it God either- “The Good” is a perhaps less godly way of referring to it. Do we need a new word in order to transcend Christianity entirely? Probably. I’m not the person to ask. Why not ask Israel? See, these thoughts are connected to each other. What is Good? Criticizing the entities that tell me I need to believe a false understanding of the Good. Most people don’t understand, they just think I’ve been constantly harping on this New Jersey of a country. I’ve said before that the main reason some Jews still read me despite my antisemitism is because of my fixation on them, it’s flattering to them. I’m just a realist. You might even call me a Hindu. Both of my usual go-to guys, Land and Dugin, for the most part demonstrate a deafening symptomatic silence, and thus show themselves to be of a certain caste that is subservient to the mobblings, and I don’t play that, I’ll take the punishment. It’s a matter of how much you hate the Bad and love the Good, that’s how all people are divided. And some people can see into the future and know that it’s better to be quiet. I’d rather die than live in a place that enforces that. This is the hidden meaning of Socrates and Christ and the ultimate meaning of the oft-maligned term “trad”. Anyone who sees themselves as part of these ancient teachings who has never been banned or disappeared in one way or another is likely affiliated with the groups who would’ve sentenced Socrates to death and crucified Christ. And that’s lots of people, no surprise. They all support each other, that’s how they work, they all soothe each other that they’re the right ones for being sell-outs, deceivers, and betrayers of the Good. And they’re all so depraved and irredeemable that seeing a post like this will only make them even more into “people of the world” who are willing to partake in evil.

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