I’ll give an idea to those who are attuned to this

The Latino-Black-Mullato state will be easiest to control, that’s why they want this here.

If you’ve ever made a statement in favor of this project, the chances are you already look like this above gentleman in your soul.

They don’t want white folks to criticize them.

Unfortunately, I see various things wrong with this political order and I’d like to have a diplomatic discussion about it.

The illiterate majority has control of the nation and I’d like to stop that immediately, in fact, I advise “certain castes” to start developing nuclear bombs to murder millions of them at a time.

Someone like you or me could be in the Senate or government in general, anon. My advice is pretend that you’re one of them and then once you’re there start slitting throats. They want people to be stupider over time so they’re easier to control, we must destroy this. It is your duty to murder people who demand this of you.

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