Once covid’s over let’s go to an amusement park, ride a rollercoaster, it’ll be a blast

Pah, I’m willing to bet that 99% of “antifa” doesn’t know anything about Mussolini besides “authoritarian reee!” Total programmed robots.

Maybe I actually am a literal wop in the pejorative sense, because I hate that I was born in this country, hate its values, hate that I’m entwined in its destiny. Reminds me of how my aunt once stuck a flag of Italy on her house. It offended me, I was thinking, You can’t do that, if you’re going to live in America you have to be an American. I don’t think that anymore, sounds pretty groundless, can you explain the reasoning behind that demand? Today I woke up laughing (loudly) about that old ISIS video where they sawed off a journalist’s head and dubbed over his screams with pig squeals. I’m ready to do something like that. Anyway where was I ah yes, being amused at the thought of Dugin writing about Canada. There’s a rangordnung of interestingness with countries and there are lots like Canada. Then there are the opposites of Canada. Can you think of any of those, goys and goyls? Some are TOO interesting to even talk about, or, cough, report about. Then, for context, there are countries like Southeast Asia ones where that golden triangle of crime is, they traffic exotic animals there too, smuggle wine made with fermented tigers- you’re like hm okay that’s kind of cool? Then Russia is another one that’s a bit TOO interesting. Not many like this. Reading about Israel on that Russian website I’m fond of is even more interesting. What is this about for instance?

You could imagine white Argentina having secret relations with Peru and it’s not so interesting as the above now is it? No no no. Is this not true?

Strange when they’re only 2% of our population huh? Oh sorry did you want me to write about Canada instead? Do we even know what our own country has been supporting for decades and why?

Imagine being an Afghan, they must feel so demoralized. Israel is the Messiah, here take some drone strikes in place of persuasion. They do it by non-violent means here. Everyone needs to be a materialist cosmopolitan, non-judgement! diversity! Eventually whites will be as stupid as this ape

then it will be even easier. Imagine being aligned with this project in any way whatsoever, and the sad thing is that almost everyone I know is. I’ll cut your head off with a dull knife on camera while laughing and shoot it basketball-style into a waste bin as I say KO-BE. Can’t wait for the court judge to read this out loud to me “judgmentally” – if you think I deserve prison more than our pseudo-elites your head needs to be sawn off too. Anyway, good morning!

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