See what I mean by religious nutcases?

Step by step

These are the terms from an earlier “deal”

Similar to the puppet-Lama China has installed in Tibet—err I guess it isn’t called Tibet on maps anymore.

The plan is to replace their government, military, economic system, education system

Once they have their promised land (made up lie from an ancient book written by social engineers) the surrounding areas might as well be Israel too since they’ll probably be “thriving, vibrant, diverse” centers of cosmopolitanism, these people don’t know what they’re getting themselves into

One by one

We’ve been lied to all our lives about Muslims (and Russians). They want us to be able to “empathize” with everyone except them pretty much (Kim goes without saying). It’s a threat to our belief-system over here to be able to think like them so they chain them up in cartoonish stereotypes in our minds.

Muslims are superior to us in the following. While we’re scared into silence they have a network of terrorist groups

While Putin murders and drives out malignant media plutocrats we hysterically screech about a president who mocks ours.

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