Idea for subverters

Their version of George Washington, and it looks like there’s lots of dirt on him. Probably even more depending on whether one has Goebellian motivations or not.

Write it to weaken faith in their “Zionist entity” as some Muslims like to call it. How many books have they written against us? We should pour the most poisonous filth upon their foundation, their beginnings.

On the other side of this, there’s room for counter-subversion. Disintegrate Israel, integrate Islam

In the same way that progs tell us to learn Spanish, we could learn Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, etc. for our own purposes. One could pose as one of these ethnicities and submit articles, essays, etc. that are subtly or not so subtly slanted. The Muslims could use white IQ, and the Israelis are in sore need of worthy enemies.

One could potentially stoke unprecedented levels of hatred with the right knowledge and rhetoric, just have got to do the research. I learned today that Pakistan has a population of 212 million! Half of them speak Punjabi. Half also speak English as a second-language so you could possibly speak to them like this.

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