Another one where they’re looking like the best of pals – what explains this?

All crypto-Israeli satellites need to get the knife. Divide divide divide. When it’s institutional like it is in Qatar, then it’s a good sign. Michigan-lookin Qatar must be having a crisis of political faith right now. Really it’s 1/10th the sq mi of MI minus the UP – just a speck of resistance, that would be celebrated in a less submissive time. For Islam that’s what this is all about, that’s the meaning of Islam- submission. Not to YHWH, to Allah.

Anyway, what inspired these thoughts was this picture (again) initially

A lot to be read in these faces. “We’re the guys with the nuclear bombs LOL” is one of the primary ways for me. Putin also has that “I’m being recognized” face here. If you google it there are lots of pictures of them laughing and looking like they’re genuinely good friends. Possibly the only ones who truly can recognize the other? British PM, a joke, British royalty, a joke, Muslim royalty (duh, a joke), chinks, wetbacks, what I’m just being honest. What was this about? I wish I had a sociopath friend who I could mess with turdworlders with

So much blood on their hands, that’s part of their “club”. That’s its own kind of old man frat that only a very specific minority can understand. Or even old woman club that I alluded to in this post. I speculate that certain levels of the brain are unlocked if you possess bombs and nuclear bombs in particular. Ones that can’t be talked about.

Don’t you see a Chinaman who knows his place?

Trump, Xi, Bush, Putin, Netanyahu, even Biden, have theories about world politics you’ll never hear them say.

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