We can expect proliferation of “diverse” beliefs in the future ideally speaking

Beyond anyone on the right, including myself

For now a good lighthouse in the storm is the beliefs of the banned accounts

If they disappeared someone it’s probably a good sign that they’re an authentic voice of dissent.

One might ask, What is truth? The answer is people who were disappeared by the temporary regime in place.

“Who has the regime disappeared?” you might respond. You could do some research and find out. Instead you’re content with your corporate-vindicated beliefs. And you wonder why I’d have no qualms with feeding your corpses to nocturnal animals without losing any sleep at night.

The best ones get banned, fast.

The nature of Being is to have a humorous chat with your friend–at least in my opinion.

They don’t want this in real life and they don’t want this on the internet. People making jokes about them. Ah I’d say we should kill them all indiscriminately based on that alone. No friends, no humor, you’re asking to be killed in my book.

I love making jokes about you worthless fools who should be shot in the head at every opportunity, in every city of the world. What, is there something about that that you don’t find funny?

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