Ironically, the Chinese are in a better place to be “Christians” in the middle east than the US

I think the US has mostly self-centered goals in the middle east. I’d expect China to be more altruistic there. “We know” why the US is there, and it isn’t to help the middle east.

Obviously let’s not pretend the Chinese presence there is altruistic. It’s just, if I were to guess which one I would prefer there if I were the middle east myself it would probably be China.

Maybe the Chinese have a similar imperialist motivation, wanting to convert them to Marxists, who knows. I just expect it to be more about “business” for China, and so to each other’s mutual benefit. With the west it’s entangled in millennia of monotheistic discrepancies, China doesn’t have that.

The economic dimension might explain the Uighur-Tibetan gulags more than the ideological dimension too

“We want ‘our people’ in that crucial economic zone.”

I do like this idea, for obvious reasons

There’s talk of nuclear energy programs as well. Would hate to see that technology misused.

A funny thought- if Iran nuked Israel, NYC, and LA, then DC nuked Iran, the world would be a better place, with those four gone. A world-historical martyrdom, let’s see it happen, Iran.

People are pulled to choosing one side or the other when all of them need to go.

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