I see ignorance as the fuel that makes the world turn, so much so that there’s not much point in speaking to it.

Ideally, all countries on their board would have theorists of realpolitik. For countries like the US, that would cause an outrage amongst the population, while for other countries it–

never mind, I remembered that there’s no point in speaking to them.

“We don’t want people in government who say what the world is like.” – You’re one of these tribalist people who shouldn’t have a say in government. Unfortunately most people in most countries are exactly like that. No reason to speak to you.

You might get the delusion that this post itself is speaking to them on “another level” – no, there really is no point in speaking to them. We need to eliminate the democratic approach to politics. “We” being the ones who understand this.

No, probably not “you”, you are probably one of these ones who only believes in equal rights because they’re some kind of retard who is able to pose as a human being and get away with it under the current political order. Nah, for those who know, you’re just a retard, and we can all see that you are, and that’s what upsets you so much and drives you to the left. It’s not too late to change sides and prove that you aren’t the retard we see you as. We know you won’t at this point, if you wanted to surprise us though we wouldn’t be against it.

Think, most countries are like North Korea in teaching their citizens they’re the best. And how many are right? The ones who look at the world this way are probably closer to that. And yet, US citizens hate this standpoint, so they’re also similar to the North Koreans.

Once again, there’s no point in talking to you because you are exactly like the ones I describe. Unless you want to stop?

Unless my constant condescending attitude to you only makes you revolt in revenge?

Your choice. Someone who shouldn’t have a choice has a choice, that is.

Your choice.

Use your faulty reason to decide.

Every government in the world should have someone to say these things to it, and none do. Because of people like you.

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