The ultimate goal is to dig up information that would cause war, ideally civil war

Am I wrong? Not that I would want to cause such a thing, it just seems that the most interesting information would lead to that, and that’s precisely what would make it the most interesting- that’s the definition of most interesting information, information that would cause a war or civil war.

I can’t think of anywhere that I’d want that to happen…

Alright, honestly I pray for the worst for China. I wonder if there’s any info that can be hacked that would instigate a war between these two?

This is a good article. Not on any secret documents- that’s an avenue one could possibly pursue to find dirt that might cause chaos between them. Is it impossible to find such information? Probably pretty unlikely. I’m just making the statement that the ideal information one could find would stoke war between or within nations.

It’s all so fragile, otherwise they wouldn’t have to do this

And that’s just one example of many many tactics countries use to maintain regime stability.

“Why would you want to cause a civil war??”

I never said I did, I’m just wondering that if one wanted to, hypothetically, what steps would one take?

Theoretically speaking, wouldn’t you regard that as one of the highest possible forms of entertainment, finding information that would cause a war or civil war? Even if you didn’t plan on distributing it within a country and only had access to it yourself? Just seems to be the height of “interesting”. “Ah, so that would cause the loss of thousands, possibly tens of thousands of lives, possibly worse, and untold chaos in general, good to know.”

I don’t really trust WikiLeaks, it’s probably controlled opposition. Though apparently it did reveal lots more civilian deaths in Iraq than was reported, so it’s not all bad.

I want to know the national secrets of all countries that they keep from their citizens and from other governments in the world. Only then could one have clear geopolitical knowledge. That Russian site I always link to is mostly just speculators. It’s different when you have direct statements from covert agencies to muse on.

There’s bound to be information that could ignite a World War 3, wouldn’t you want to know what it is?

“The world is more innocent than that, that information doesn’t exist.”

Yeah right. Like I said, I just want to know for purposes of entertainment. Then again! if a war were to break out in certain countries I wouldn’t be opposed either.

I find some WikiLeaks on Tiananmen Square for instance–and that’s just dull. There must be a lot worse things than that out there. The fact that wikileaks or tiananmen square are mainstream knowledge is enough to tell you that they’re innocuous.

Covert documents from these countries are most pertinent, with a couple exceptions

“Just saying”, just throwing ideas out there. Do I have any of these documents? No, they probably exist though. And finding them would be “entertaining”.

Sounds good to me

They say the press freedom in Turkey is among the worst in the world, then you read something like this from one of their news sites

and realize that our unfree press smears freer presses of the world.

The reason Trump made this peace in the middle east move (psyop) a couple months before the election is because he knows Biden likely represents heightened middle east involvement.

The sound of silence

Wikileaks are noteworthy for what’s missing: the absence of any material damaging to Israeli goals.

“Oh, I know the regime you most want to destabilize!”

No shit sherlock – which one would be more entertaining to cause chaos in? Answer- there isn’t one.

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