Couldn’t sleep earlier because I was thinking about how bad things are here, and I was scrolling through sources from Lebanon, and increasingly feeling like I’ve been lied to all my life. So many more people have died over in the middle east than I was aware of. “We” killed them.

Not like someone like me sees Muslims as human anyway. It’s the fact that it’s all been so obscure and duplicitous. I just wish an institution had been in place to better inform me, I feel lied to, I don’t like being lied to.

I guess there might be a moral factor here too, I have to confess.

Some people get extremely upset about how we slaughtered those Native Americans.

These pictures are of Lebanon. “We” bombed people like this.

This is a Native American “town”

They’re not the same. I can forgive settling primitive people’s lands.

The reason my thoughts about Israel might be “stranger” than most is because they’re a neo-ethnostate, and I’ve obviously put a lot of thought into one of those, so I can see things from their perspective in a way. Imagine if we carved out a state in a pretty civilized location in Central Asia, and we had our good pal the US bomb the shit out of Kazakhstan. It might be worth it! Kazakhs would be inferior relative to the posthumans we have planned, right? So I can understand why the Israelis would genocide the Palestinians. What I don’t like about this situation is that the facts haven’t been clear, for virtually my entire life.

I saw some of the most perceptive people get all sentimental about 9/11 recently for instance. I don’t think it’s clear to most Americans still what 9/11 was really about. And what it ultimately justified. And for whom it benefited. You’re still living in the matrix if 9/11 evokes muslim turban terrorists in your mind rather than deceptive Jews. Were they behind the attacks? I don’t know, that’s not the point though.

This article from that Turkey-centric site I mentioned in my previous post is giving me that feeling like I’ve been lied to all my life. Are you interested in feeling that way? A hobby of yours? That’s its own form of high entertainment. It’s kind of a disheartening feeling, you lose trust in people. Eh, I stand by my statement that it’s a form of entertainment.

Can’t even talk about it

There is a strong prejudice against criticising Israeli policy, and putting pressure on Israel is considered out of order.

Even if it’s pertinent to the most important political issues. Males aren’t even able to be themselves here because that’s toxic masculinity and that reminds people of Hitler, so they prefer we let all these malignant minorities bring the country down into the gutter. Meanwhile the MSM is as authoritarian as Hitler, and Israelis act like Nazis over in the middle east. And you can’t say anything against it. Terrorism against them seems like the appropriate form of action. If you’ve ever counter-signaled against me when you could have mentioned one of these subjects instead, you’re a pussy, end of story, and ideally you’ll be dealt with appropriately.

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