Remember this post about the censorship of the Chinese internet?

Tank Man seems to be the prime symbol of rebellion over there. Books approaching a cigarette package, a grasshopper in front of a tire, these are ways to get around the censor there as a sort of underground society. Here is a page with other symbols they use. Maybe Tank Man is the way they signal wokeness over there, wokeness in the good way, as in, Xi is a totalitarian brainwasher yup glad you agree I don’t know anyone else who agrees in real life and that helps strengthen my resolve to not tolerate the lies of the CCP.

There hasn’t been a movie on Tank Man despite the fact that happened all the way back in 1989

It’s not surprising China wants everybody to forget Tiananmen – and Hollywood may be influenced by that. After all, Hollywood receives significant funding from China.

Tank Man is probably just the beginning of the digital underground of China, you’d have to do more research. He seems, from my research at least, to be the prime anti-Xi symbol that we can “exploit” in order to subvert the CCP and also help our bros across the sea (really I am most driven by the thought of slowing down being put into a Uighur camp). With a population of 1.5 billion, Tank Man could possibly be the greatest symbol of anti-totalitarianism in the world, we could help lots of people with a movie on him. And devastate, or at least relax, Xi’s regime.

I saw this on a MEMRI site today, not a good symptom for us

A brute force that isn’t willing to be pushed around anymore in any sense whatsoever, who knows what they’ll do. It will be good to help them cultivate free minds over there.

It’s likely that their elites over there have the same problem as ours (that I reference in regard to the Rockefellers in this post) where they steep themselves in their own brainwash that was meant for the demos, resulting in a ruling caste that isn’t even aware that it could benefit from a more philosophical segment of society. That won’t be good for us if they have a population of 2 billion and they have “retard strength”, stubbornness, unthinking xenophobia, etc. A Tank Man movie is one way we could refine them.

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