Look at that, it’s the terrified scratches of Jews on a wall while they’re being fumigated like an insect hive


Better make sure that never happens again goy or else.

Or else what? You’ll push us to halve our psychology so we’re never Hitler-like again, or else what, you’ll make us halve with NIGGER APES OF THE JUNGLE

I don’t think so, I’d rather shoot every Jew in the head and be done with it. What do you think, fellow goys?

Every last Jew dead

Otherwise prepare to be a mulatto NIGGER in the next life. That’s what Jewish revenge looks like.

Murder all jews and niggers, that is the ultimate truth.

Let’s not forget about leftist whites too.

What, is this inaccurate? I don’t think it is.

So what could be the implications of this? Murdering all of them indiscriminately?

Oops, just throwing ideas out there.

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