Here’s an extreme example to illustrate the difference between “the west and the rest”

Yknow, the one who was sawed up and carried off in suitcases never to be seen again?

I don’t claim to be able to see this through their eyes either. You see this and think “Animals”, right? I get that too, with me though it’s more ambivalence.

This sort of attitude accounts directly for why I have trouble citing any worthwhile Muslim or Chinese thinkers. They get taken care of, and the article or manuscript they wrote is put in a paper shredder, so you’d never know about them.

Russia seems to be between us and them on this continuum.

For instance, earlier I had the thought, I wonder what these Russians would say if they weren’t beholden to Putin?

They’re freer, I just wonder what they could say if they had the, some might say, excessive freedom of the west.

On the other hand, as much as we see them as animals, I think it would be fair to see ourselves as similarly in the wrong, except on the other side of the continuum. “Equally” wrong? No need to invoke that category, it seems like a plain fact that both sides have their own excesses.

I don’t even know why you continue to read my site if you have an allergy about the phrase “fake news” – most of the MSM is deception, slanted to bolster the prevailing worldview. If you don’t understand how this could be a problem then you’ll never begin to grasp why the Saudis or Chinese or Russians would be the way they are. While they might seem primitive to us, they have an insight about “freedom” to teach us. Freedom can be misused, misused so badly it can destroy a nation.

What do the Saudis have to show for this attitude? Not much, they struck it rich with oil, that seems to explain why we talk about them at all as opposed to the Congo. The Chinese, the Russians, they do have something to show for this attitude. Should we be as extreme as them? I don’t think so. My guiding thought here obviously is that if we were like them I myself and many of my allies would have been sawed&suitcased years ago.

Let’s take this idea again of misusing freedom so badly that you destroy a nation. I’ve scoured the internet for an interesting Chinese theorist to read, and I’ve only read a few, and they don’t exactly keep my attention. With 1.5 billion people that says a lot. They’re clearly excessive in their own direction. That doesn’t mean we’re not excessive in our own way. The MSM/hollywood/academy all have Freedom, and it pretty objectively mostly makes the country worse overall. Instead of the sawing and suitcasing I suggest we establish a Council of Culture that oversees the effects the crypto-power structures have on society. They should be educated or jailed if it’s determined that they make the country worse.

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