George Santayana’s philosophy of travel might as well be a meditation on exit.

I wonder why it’s so rare to find a fellow American exit-enthusiast. Something to do with a subconscious belief in Providence I suspect, or a groundless hope, an anticipation free of all evidence, indeed contrary to all evidence, that our political telos is able to be adjusted, swayed, to change. What’s more futile, theorizing about exit or sharing one’s personal sentiment about politics? One seems like it has more potential to change things than the other, and it isn’t voting with one’s voice about the presidency. And even if this were not the case, the general focus is lop-sided and heavily biased toward voice. Political voice seems to be a sort of prison people are confined in. Not like I’m not also a prisoner- when I theorize about exit it’s kind of like getting an hour out in the prison’s recreation yard. Do you people have Stockholm syndrome or something? It’s nice to leave the cell inside and wander around the fenced-in area outside!

Finding that Santayana essay though has made me wonder if there’s an international exit literature. Are there second-worlders who’ve written manifestoes about how their governments are more or less permanently, inherently corrupt and thus the more aware portion of them should migrate? That could be helpful here for us to read. People seem to be excessively content about “politicizing” day after day, year after year, despite nothing substantial ever changing, despite the only change they experience being change for the worse, without ever giving a thought to the alternative, a cynicism about politicizing at all, about having faith in our plutodemotic system here at all. If people faced the reality of the groundlessness of their hope and faith in the possibility of political change they’d probably devote half their energy to speculating about exit, and the other half to sowing revolt, forming organized terrorism networks, kind of like I do. Don’t get me wrong, Trump is cool and all, Biden is an establishment puppet with dementia, there’s a difference. Just not enough of one to warrant never thinking about exit or revolution.

Something else from that essay that made me ponder

It really was the greatest migration. This is part of why people don’t think much about another migration- they don’t think something that great can ever happen again. Ah well I think it’s possible, at least more possible than changing the existing system and its hellward trajectory here. And the more possible it will be the more people that devote 10% of their political thoughts to exit rather than 0% which is the case for most of the thoughtless cattle now. I can relate to those pre-Americans living in England before they migrated here, can’t you? Santayana makes the profound point that what distinguishes humans from vegetables is travel, locomotion- he says that as important in our evolution as our hands are our feet. I’m sick of being an American vegetable, I’m not a vegetable.

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