I don’t like being taught to hate myself because I’m a white male, pretty simple, and I think most in my demographic can agree. We definitely don’t like the idea of a new generation, possibly multiple generations of KIDS in our demographic being taught the same poison.

Alright, this is my general springboard for the next somewhat crazy idea I’m brainstorming 😂 There’s also an Aristotelian take on Marx that’s at the background of my thoughts- in order to live the life of a gentleman, do philosophy, science, art, etc. one needs otium, leisure, this is Marx’s timeless value. As we drift more and more toward a second-world country we’re going to be going back to a world of excessive work, thus a world with less leisure, less of the above-stated nice things. That’s what happens when you decrease brainpower, which is a direct result of globalism/equalism that I hope I don’t have to give you another’s 500 pages on. That is the point of exit.

I wonder how ambitious, how visionary they get at conferences like this

What do you notice that’s peculiar about this MENA region?

The Nile. That’s how people survive and thrive in that desert. And what is most of Australia? I hate it in the US that these thoughts occur to me unprompted. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

It took ten years to construct the Panama Canal. Think our technology has advanced since all that time ago? They made one in France that’s 240 km in the 1700s which took 15 years. What did they have then, shovels? Tsk tsk I wonder what we could do with bombs instead of dropping them in the Middle East? A New Egypt in a matter of years?

I wonder if the outback is rich in any resources that its “temporary” inhospitability keeps people from taking advantage of?

I’ve mentioned before the vast cattle ranches there too, which we could help with water desalination plants, riverside crops a la the ancient Egyptians, and even raise our own cattle there, lots of land a “Nile” could help make livable. Solar farms on the peripheries, underground cities, dome villages, etc. I hate the US, can you blame me for these thoughts? If a new Nile is too crazy for you there’s lots of links to less far-out ideas if you google “Northern Australia development” – seems like one of the most realistic exit locations, and if enough of us invaded there…

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