The sinister situation in Australia

Whitlam was coup’d. An occupation by an occupied power eh? 1972? When was the last time we even had a gov that would need to be coup’d? Researching Australia only allows me to see the sinister nature of the US in sharper detail. “Jeez it’s bad over there… wait a second, they sound really similar to us.”

Just something we’re used to and accept at this point.

on bankers in Australia

At least their MSM is different – (theirs is conducted in the Australian accent)

They do have kangaroos

We interrupt this break with an article on mind-control in Australia

At least the Russians are often aware of and opposed to the following

The .ru site I’ve been drawing from is the most “freeing” site I’ve found all year- consistently fresh/refreshing perspectives. What was that stereotype I had of them growing up, “cold”, inhuman? Nonsense. It used to puzzle me how we’d ever have any “traitors” in America, citizens who “spied” for Russia. That’s perfectly understandable to me now.

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