Never heard of any of these

It took a shocking amount of thought to get to this point where I’m interested in Russian film. Layers and layers. We might as well have the relations with them that we had with the Soviets, or at least the stereotype we have of the relations we had with the Soviets, since many of us weren’t alive in those days.

Does it still frustrate some people that I’m a Russia stan? There’s something special about the Russians, try to hear me out, I feel like I’m more open-minded in general from thinking about them so much, and getting around cultural biases, which are near-insurmountable obstacles. There’s something special about them because they’re two things at the same time- 1.) like China or Iran they’re our enemy, and 2.) they’re white. That makes them special. You can think of it racially or not. The Chinese are Marxists and the Iranians are Muslims, and neither of these belief-systems are known for producing free thinkers. I mean, you could be racist if you wanted too

Eh, there are more sickening people to look at in the world than them. And it’s no coincidence I’ve found a few thinkers from their respective peoples who seem highly sentient. Too many generations of anti-intellectualism isn’t going to leave you with much to work with, and your few mutants who are born are likely sentient enough to be careful and stay under the radar.

Oh sorry, does showing you a picture of Putin holding a kitten count as “manipulative propaganda”? Whoops.

He’s just the first level to get around, and the most difficult level in my experience. After you get around “PUTIN = RUSSIA = BAD” in your mind you’ll be able to think more clearly about Russia and Russians in general. 150 million white people, I wonder what they’re like? We can so much more easily understand Central Americans than we can Russians.

More of their most popular films I’ve never heard of

While I hate to brag, I consider myself someone who’s exceptional at seeing through lies and cultural brainwash, so it’s strange to me how many years it’s taken to be able to get to this point where I’m beginning to take an interest in the films they’ve made over there. They like Christmas movies apparently, that’s telling. I happen to be something of a “Christmas person” myself, wouldn’t you consider yourself one of those? Don’t you like Christmas time? Can’t say that about our other enemies the Chinese or Iranians. The leftists have a valuable insight when they talk about “othering” people, they just “un-other” ones that are convenient for them. The way the thought-control seems to work is Putin is othered as a non-human essentially. When you can get around that then you can start thinking about Russian people in general differently, Putin is the first step.

“Some people deserve to be othered!” you might say. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. You should be able to decide for yourself. That’s something imposed on us here, to other the Russians, it isn’t something we personally chose to believe. You can decide for yourself, I’m just giving you advice from my own experience, which has involved a step by step process of un-othering them, and I doubt I’m done yet.

Looks like they have a sense of humor about their history, this is their fourth highest-grossing film

Hating Russians is what they have the “serfs” believe here. Does putting it like that help you understand?

It’s a synchronicity that this one is number one

We remember the Nazis and Fascists from WWII as “our enemy” and tend to forget that we weren’t exactly friends with the Soviets. WWII is still alive today in regard to US/Russia relations. I bet watching their movies and seeing things from their perspective would help us finally find “peace”.

“You don’t want peace, you’re trying to instigate something terrible.” Don’t worry about it. Watch the movies or be a serf, up to you.

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