Does that remind you of anywhere else? Bombdhad, Iraq? Dronedistan?

I saw this–somewhat queasying–suggestion yesterday while reading about potential Australian strategies toward Indonesia that reminds me of this

While I know you might not believe me at this point, I actually do think that women have their own valuable perspective on politics. I said before it was a joke to think of women and children in “the war room” discussing geopolitics. That is true. At the same time I don’t deny that there is a “brute”, “pigheaded” nature to these things. Women are supposed to be the good ones, while men are left to do the dirty work, is that so wrong of me to reinforce? Military-strategy types aren’t as attuned to “the reality of human suffering” – both perspectives are needed for a total awareness. Anyway, all this to explicate how there are different ways of seeing the above conflicts between countries.

This is more the “woman perspective” – while I don’t rule out the existence of women with military-strategy type minds, they tend to be the exception.

Then there’s the friend-enemy perspective that neo-Nazis and Russians might take, which looks approximately like- “We don’t care about the Palestinians per se, we just don’t want someone who’s our enemy with more power.”

I have the latter perspective about this parallel activity going on north of the middle east

You can read Glazyev’s own words 👁️ here

See why I would find this “Russian conspiracy theory” intrissting?

Think again of this concept

“They” want to hold the South and North of them, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. Even Kazakhstan, Glazyev hints at.

Remember my post yesterday, about the “American” occupation of Australia? Something similar in Ukraine he says

Let’s call it what it is, shall we? The Israeli Empire. Not allowed to call it that, anon? That’s the effect of power. And that’s how a serf behaves in its presence. Bowing, looking at the ground, shivering. Think I’m a bully for describing you that way? The real bully doesn’t allow you to criticize them, I’m your friend for telling you to grow a spine.

This advisor of Putin, Glazyev, seems to paint the situation north of the middle east as similar to the situation of the Palestinians

Hasn’t there been some conflict going on in Belarus lately too? Haven’t researched that yet – can we just drop the pretenses and naturally presume they’re being Amerijewed in one way or another too?

Afghanistan, utterly demoralized. Germany, utterly demoralized. The only ones I see in that general area with a backbone are Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Qatar. And Russia. all the hated enemies of America. Honestly I look at Europe and wonder whether any country there is worthwhile at all, all spiritually defeated cowards by the looks of it.

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