Finding a Russian version of neoreaction on the internet would be groundbreaking

Some of the replies to that Glazyev post are informative.

Similar to the line of thought I had regarding WikiLeaks and sensitive war-causing documents,

could we expect people immediately affiliated with Glazyev to be the “exoteric Putinists” similar to the alt-lite’s relation to Trump?

Imagine some Russian college kid google translating alt-lite people and thinking they understand Trump and esoteric rightism generally speaking. Maybe we could use Glazyev as a way to find more controversial Russians? There will likely be a connection between how difficult to find they are and how valuable they are. Three removes away from Putin, I wonder what people like that are like?

To what degree are people there afraid of being disappeared or poisoned? That is closely related to the question, To what degree are people there able to be similar to neoreaction?

Put differently- say, Glazyev is able to exist. One remove away from him is able to exist, meaning two removes away from Putin is able to exist. However, if one gets three removes away from Putin, perhaps they get the knife. So no one talks like that, at least on the internet. This is just my speculation. Dugin for instance has “alt-lite” qualities for instance, and I try to keep that in mind. There are people he probably knows about in Russia who he doesn’t link to.

I wonder if some Americans and Russians had thoughts like this during the Cold War

Perhaps the Cold War never really ended? It seems very difficult to have a clear talk with the Russian intelligentsia. Thinking back to my post from earlier about Russian film- I’ve only just had this thought, that’s how strong the mental barriers are preventing that talk from happening. There is possibly a treasure trove of posts and essays on the internet somewhere in cyrillic. Russian expats who write somewhere safe from poisoning. I wonder how we could find each other? Such a “rendezvous” could decimate both of our culturally-acquired belief-systems into oblivion beyond our imaginations. мазаль тов!

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