These faces are making me laugh

For “the reality of human suffering” file.

To be fair, at least Al Jazeera reports on it at all. One might look at this as a quiet Vietnam War.

Parallels can only be approximate though, hence why I laugh. Do I really care what’s going on in other countries besides my own? No, I’m an American, I care about America. BLM anti-Trump people are the same way, they’re Americans, they only care about this bordered part of the world and its beliefs known as THE USA.

Empathy is something the left believes itself to have a monopoly on, while I think that neither the left or the right tends to know what empathy is truly about.

For one–and this is crucial–you need to learn how to empathize with your fellow American rather than being an American yourself. There are ways this statement can be misinterpreted. You know that idea of sitting on a park bench and “people-watching”? I don’t think people really do that enough here. If they did that more they’d start to see what I constantly talk about as “the state-religion” which probably sounds kind of old at this point, oh well, why doesn’t anyone else talk about it? There’s a good chance that it’s because you’re the people being watched, much like pigeons are watched. You say coo coo, never coup coup, so to speak. Or is that a dove? Not many people can be a beautiful dove.

So where were we? I see three political unfoldings in the world currently- in the US, Europe, and Middle East that no one is allowed to talk about, because they themselves are being affected by the impositions, or “sanctions” you could think of them as if you’re daring.

No one in America truly cares about Ukraine or Iraq. I understand this because I am an American myself. If you push your empathy to another level though you will see that these two have a similar situation that we have. Can you guess what that is? It’s fine if you can’t, you’re simply imprisoned on the US level of awareness. Whether through heart or mind. “BLM” is just the surface understanding of events here in the good old USA. Different tactics just like that are being used in other countries as well. They’re trying to destroy anyone who could challenge them, they have a bitterness after the holocaust, they were supposed to be the chosen people, then “we” all decided to start systematically killing them, that’s what the war in the middle east is about, what Ukraine/Russia relations are about, what US/Mexico relations are about. This is globalist realism, and if you can understand what I say without any bitterness yourself you are probably among the real .01% of human beings.

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