From Al Jazeera – good to know

Scrolling through their site, it seems Belarus is a Russian satellite-state, and they want to keep it that way.

“Why do you even care about the non-US ra ra ra ra.” Because we already have the US down to a science, it’s been pretty dull for a couple years for that reason. All people can do is deny and deliberately deceive about what they’ve learned from the reactosphere. For those of us without that agenda, other parts of the world are more interesting now since they’re not as well-understood, not as crystallinely, immaculately understood. Don’t worry, I’m sure your precious US will make an appearance here eventually anyway.

Russia sent a bunch of reporters over to Belarus to help slant popular perception about the protests there.

The president Lukashenko said “If Belarus collapses today, Russia will be next” so that at least partially explains that.

Russia would have Crimea to the south of Ukraine and Belarus to the north, I bet Kolomoysky&co. would hate that, and that makes me laugh.

The fewer countries aligned with the EU the better. This is a good question

Maybe a “fourth political theory” will expand farther west from these two in question? Eventually surrounding Ukraine on all sides? That’s wishful thinking, only a prayer. The fewer US satellite-states the better because that will subtly affect our consciousness here. “All of them scrapped the postwar order, why shouldn’t we?” – democratic thinking ya see, it’s real.

In light of that, the (at least relatively independent) news site Dozhd TV linked to above, might be rightfully marginalized as malignant – for instance

RT seems to be more in line with the program I have in mind

Am I justifying a form of totalitarianism? Don’t you think the so-called “free press” in the US has its own totalitarian quality?

And there might as well not even be six since they all agree on the basics!

RT on the other hand I’d like to investigate further

Do you disagree with above-mentioned Zhirinovsky about the following from another context?

Would this surprise you at all if this were true?

Soros, is that you over there too?? Again, who would be surprised if he in particular was meddling?

This is an interesting thought-experiment when you think of it in the context of this post

How calculated was that TV show? It’s pure genius really. Would you count that as “free and fair”? Some of the subtlest, most manipulative propaganda to get someone elected in history if you ask me.

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